zuavitel strain

zuavitel strain
 is one of the most popular names among cannabis enthusiasts. It is known for an extensive selection of beautiful nugs, with the highest quality

The Smoking Experience

One of the things I love about both of ZUAVITEL parents is the incredibly smooth smoking experience they offer. I found the old runs of Lemon Cherry Gelato exceptionally smooth smoking. I found almost the exact same unique smooth, clean-burning smoking experience with ZUAVITEL. While the strain is incredibly smooth smoking, I also saw significant expansion, which I enjoyed. backpackboyz 420

The High

ZUAVITEL is the total package. A next level aroma, a flavor profile that leaves all others in the dust, a fantastic smoking experience, and a perfect high. I found the high to be a very calming, relaxing, stoney head high perfect after a long day of work or nine months of the pandemic.

So was it worth the money and would I buy it again?

Yes and Yes. This strain often sells for $65 an eighth, and specials/sales don’t apply to it. And that doesn’t include tax. Notwithstanding, this strain is still worth it and something I look forward to becoming more readily available.

I recently dug into the parent Lemon Cherry Gelato’s current offerings. I tried the Platinium Lemon Cherry Gelato, the regular jarred Lemon Cherry Gelato, and the premium indoor littles of Lemon Cherry Gelato. It was good, but nothing like it was. I saw a decline in both the flavor profile and quality of the flower, usually in line with mass production.

I have a hunch the same grower who grew the old school Lemon Cherry Gelato is growing the ZUAVITEL and giving it the same TLC that old batches of the Lemon Cherry Gelato received in the past. BACKPACKBOYZ FOR SALE ZUAVITEL




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