Gummy Bearz Strain

Gummy Bearz Strain

Strain Review

I crack the pack to find buds are pretty simple visually. It was semi sticky bright green lightly powdered in trichomes.

Aromas greet the nose with a orange citrus scent that is not particularly strong but it smells like a cup of orange juice. It was not very strong but it was a pleasant smell.

Tiramisu Strain Backpackboyz

The terpenes did not make it though, I felt that compared to the smell it did not connect to the taste of the weed. There was a smooth floral taste you definitely got a bit of a creamy citrus with that. As you smoke it the profile becomes very plain like smoking a flavorless strain.

Firstly, The star of this strain was the potency. It  smacked hard as it crept up on you. You are surely going to cough a few times then recover to take more pulls of this super mellow strain. It is euphoric and relaxing and definitely something great for a beginner smoker moving up to stronger strains. At 25% thc and a small ammount of cbd it is an effective medicinal cannabis but not something I would buy again.

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