Caramel Apple Weed Strain

Caramel Apple Weed Strain


BACKPACKBOYZ  CARAMEL APPLE is a popular strain in very high demand, making it very challenging to get. As of writing this, it is the norm for the strain to sell out an hour or two after dropping. Also, expect long lines on a drop day. Drops usually happen at Cookies and their sister locations in Southern California (except S.D. WTF) as well as Cana Sylmar, Dr. Green Thumbs Sylmar, and Roots Los Angeles.

Zerbert Strain Backpackboyz

Wait a second,this all begging to feel like a Supreme drop or a New Apple Phone release… Another variable making it even harder to get your hands on this strain is that there are many proxies in line, buying as many as they can to resell at an incredibly marked up price, in most cases selling for the twice original cost. I am seeing more and more folks on Instagram and Snapchat doing this. It is an interesting business model similar to that of StockX, where you get a premier designer bag with no fuss for an inflated price and a premium.

Now I don’t necessarily see a problem with this. It is your money to spend, and if you’ve got enough to blow on insanely marked-up products to save time in your life or fulfill a desire to have them all, go for it. I would say the problem I see is that most of the people operating in this way are shady, and how can you figure out who is not? Everything on this blog I went out and got myself. You can do the same and have a blast on the journey doing it.


THC: 30.66%

CBD: Not Test or Not Published




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